Industrialization no doubt has changed the way we humans live; removing a huge amount of labor required for daily living. This labor used to keep our joints mobile and strong but now static work places are now leaving us open to all kinds of sedentary issues. When that couch is calling your name after a big day at work think of these three points to get you motivated.

Self-discipline exercised regularly improves self-esteem.


Sweating already at the words self-discipline? You are not alone; it is though breaking in to a new routine however the payoff is huge. Even if you start with 30 minutes training of some description, 3 times per week. You will feel a sense of pride pop up when you tell your friends about it. Even if you have been going for only 2 weeks!


Regular physical training will add years onto your life.


Even a brisk 25 minute walk once a day will add on average 7 years to your life. That is an extra that is an extra 2,555 days. Combine that with a good diet and a decent training program to help keep you mobile as you age you can add a lot of quality days to your life tally.

Train to get growth hormones and feel happy.


When you train your body releases hormones to make you feel good. Of course you have heard of a runner’s high. This is your body helping you to keep moving and to mask any pain you might be feeling. A thousand years ago if you were wounded while your team was taking down a woolly mammoth you would have had to limp back to the village to heal and be taken care of. This system would have allowed you to do just that. Lucky for us we can just train to the point where the hormones are released and back off, or you could just keep going. The choice is yours.


In steed of weighing up ether easy relax time or hard work out; think of all the extra days you will get to live because you put the time in to take care of your body. Train hard and live long.

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